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The Energy of Love

What does love look like from an energy perspective? The frequency of love is high-vibrational. High-vibrational energy is healing and it’s active. Simply put, it moves and vibrates at a rapid rate.

Just a note: Whenever we talk about energy frequency, it will be on a spectrum. Picture high-vibrational energy as the flowing currents of a swift-moving river. In contrast, low-vibrational energy sits like a pond, susceptible to residue or stagnation.

When two people love each other, an energy connection exists between them. When looking at two people in a relationship, we can understand the energy of the bond in three ways:

1) Person A’s relationship with their own energy

2) Person B’s relationship with their own energy

3) Person A & Person B’s connection (the energy that exists when they come together)

When two people have strong feelings for each other, the energy created between them rises in vibration. When it reaches a specific vibration, an energy connection comes into existence. I often like to describe this as a tether between two people that keeps them connected at all times. If one member of the relationship passes away, the energy connection remains intact. If both people pass away, the energy connection stays intact and these two energies remained synced, aka tethered together.

The concept of syncing is key, as two energy bodies must first sync to one another’s vibration. As the relationship deepens, the synced energy rises as a result. When the vibration reaches a certain frequency, the tether is created. Simply put, when love deepens our energy connection strengthens.

Energy connections can happen in any type of relationship, such as romantic love, mother and child, friendship, and within an animal-human bond.

Try feeling into the connection between you and a loved one by practicing these three steps:

Step 1: Feel into your energy body. To do this, think of a time when you felt most yourself and call that memory forward, which will call the essence of your energy forward.

Step 2: Think of your loved one. (PS: If your loved one texts or calls you after you think of them, then that is proof that you called their energy forward)

Step 3: Finally, feel into the energy of your love. Think of what your love feels like — call that forward and experience the frequency of you and your loved one’s energetic bodies syncing, and raising in vibration.

From our research and experience, we have discovered how relationships can be understood and explained from an energetic perspective. Learn more at

With Love & White Light,

– Peri


Peri shares support for normalizing psychic experiences as an Intuitive Counselor.

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