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Contributing Author, Peri Zarrella, discusses After-death Communication Research

I was recently invited as a topic expert and contributing author for the paper entitled After-Death Communication: Issues of Nondisclosure and Implications for Treatment.” Collaborating with Kathleen Pait, a colleague and fellow graduate student from the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Columbia University, alongside other professionals in the field, provided a valuable opportunity. 

Image of Peri Zarrella and After-death Communication Research Paper

After-death communication (ADC) refers to instances of contact with a deceased loved one. I believe this article holds significance for individuals in helping and caring professions, including clinicians and practitioners. It also serves those seeking validation for their experiences following the passing of a loved one.

Normalizing energy experiences, including ADC, and integrating them into therapeutic models is crucial to me. However, research indicates that reporting ADC experiences in Western cultures remains low, largely due to fear of ridicule.

After-death communication research helps to normalize such experiences, recognize their commonality, and create supportive environments where individuals can explore and integrate them into mental health practices.

This aligns with my specific niche, wherein I strive to provide a safe space for those encountering energetic experiences, advocating for their validation, and facilitating their processing and integration.

Every day, I have the privilege of engaging with individuals who have had direct encounters with energy, many of whom communicate with deceased loved ones. If you wish to delve deeper into the topic of after-death communication research, the full article is available here.

MDPI, Published: 30 July 2023 by Kathleen C. Pait, Julie J. Exline, Kenneth I. Pargament, and Peri Zarrella


About Peri Zarrella, MA

Peri Zarrella offers Intuitive Counseling sessions which differ from traditional counseling in several ways. Through reading an individual's energy, she can pinpoint areas of inner conflict and underlying patterns that may keep them feeling stuck. In sharing her insights, she works with clients to uncover the root of the issues and challenges they are experiencing. Peri integrates clinical training and intuitive insight to help clients process and release their underlying blocks to build new pathways filled with potential and possibility. Peri is passionate about helping clients connect to their purpose, and feel a sense of understanding and trust from within as well as a sense of being universally supported. 


Before starting her Intuitive Counseling practice, Peri held the position of Managing Director of the Columbia University Clinical Psychology Masters Degree Program, Spirituality Mind Body Institute. Concurrently, she was a Lead Facilitator for the Hearing Voices Network in New York City.


Peri holds a Master's Degree from Columbia University in Clinical Psychology and Education from the Spirituality Mind Body Institute and a Bachelor's Degree in Holistic Psychology from Lesley University.

To learn more about Peri Zarrella visit,

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Peri shares support for normalizing psychic experiences as an Intuitive Counselor.

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