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Let's roll up our sleeves, grab a large cup of coffee, and discuss the vast dimensionality of our human experience and the inspiration of our Universe at large.

Welcome to the Human Experience 2.0  - Peri

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my top 5 energy resets

Water helps me wash off everything that is not mine and get back to my essence. 

If you are a sensitive person who is empathic, aware of other energies, hears voices, sees visions, has other sensory experiences that are unusual or otherworldly etc., then it may be nice to ground and cleanse with water. After a super intense day, it may be helpful to reset and wash anything off that doesn’t feel like your energy! 

I’ve always been a swimmer, love going to the ocean, taking showers, or simply watching the sunset by the Hudson River. Drinking water recharges and resets me (especially with a slice of lemon in it). BATHS are also always peaceful. If you are out and about and feeling overwhelmed then you can put some water on your third eye (that is always a quick rescue remedy for me). 

It helps me come back to myself. I hope it helps you too 💕

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“We live in the lap of an immense intelligence that, when we are in its presence, we realize that it is far beyond our human mind.”

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