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Peri Zarrella is


Decoding Energy & Intuitive Counseling

"My life’s work is to help heal others on a multitude of levels in both our human and energetic forms and to raise awareness that we all have this ability within." - Peri


Peri Zarrella was featured on the 2nd season of A&E's Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. She has since received her master's degree in clinical psychology and education from Columbia University and returned to the 2019 reboot of Psychic Kids as a mentor to the new generation of kids like her.

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Discover the power of your innate abilities

My gratitude for being a space where people know they can talk to me about their energy experiences is so warm and vast. We are all born with innate abilities at our disposal and I can support you in remembering how to access them. Energy + Education offers several modalities that I use in my intuitive counseling sessions. Train with me and a team of experienced instructors in an environment that fosters immersion and focus – a true Perinormal experience.


Dedicated to scientific
inquiry + energy realms

In addition to her master's degree in Spirituality Mind Body Institute from Columbia University, Peri is committed to using her experience and expertise to contribute to scientific journals and research studies. Explore her latest published research contribution below.

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Peri Zarrella in Golden Light

A personalized audio recording for your daily inspiration.

STEP 1: In a 30-45 minute session, we will discuss your dreams, aspirations, challenges, and gratitudes. Do you want to be inspired? Motivated? Relaxed? All of the above?

STEP 2: Peri will create a 10-15 minute personalized audio for you to listen to during your wake-up, commute, workout, bedtime, and meditation.

Drew Zarrella


Meet Drew Zarrella

With an MBA in Sustainability, Drew blends business acumen with a commitment to spiritual and physical well-being. As Peri's brother, his dedication to this work has personal roots. Drew's journey with breathwork, aiding in nervous system regulation, has allowed him to gain an understanding of the human ability to alter our bodies' response to stress. When combined with energy work, these practices offer a holistic approach addressing mind, body, and spirit. In his personal life, Drew finds solace in nature – he enjoys hiking, experimenting with recipes, and nurturing his wellness. Join Drew and our team for transformative holistic wellness.



Coming soon!

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