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Peri is an energy healer, a therapeutic intuitive, and a psychic medium.


“I believe that my life’s work is to help heal others on a multitude of levels in both our human and energetic forms and to raise awareness that we all have this ability within.”




Work one-on-one to understand your experiences and talk about it freely and openly. The goal is to feel safe and supported while developing a framework and strategies for holistic and optimal well-being.


Receive guidance, develop a protocol, and process your loved one’s experiences. I will help you develop a framework and approach so that you can best support your loved one and yourself.

• Support for the supporters  • Family dynamics  • Self-care strategies


I help children and their families learn strategies to help cope with intuitive experiences. There are many ways in which parents can help psychically attuned children to see themselves and their abilities in positive ways. Help your child feel more accepted, less alone, and safe. The three most important words a psychic child can hear: I believe you. 

Appointments are limited. Reserve sessions today.

Thank you for your interest. Peri will be in contact with you. 

Your privacy is respected.

Please contact for further information regarding lectures, workshops, and seminars.

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